LooK Watch:
Laipac's Standalone IoT Smartwatch

With Laipac's standalone IoT smartwatch, easily set geofences, configure alerts, track in real-time, schedule regular check-ins, and collect vital signs for your unique applications.

LooK Watch Smartwatch Product

LooK Watch applications

Whether you work in one of the industries below, or are just looking out for the safety and protection of your family, the LooK Watch is the perfect electronic monitoring device with various customizable features to fit your unique applications.
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Lone Worker on Construction Site

Lone Workers

If you are in the Lone Worker Safety business with customers in construction, security, oil & gas, real-estate, transportation, nursing, home care, social work, retail, or courier, the LooK Watch can give you peace of mind by helping you monitor their safety and providing regular check-in features to track their exact location.

Man and Woman Hug

Telehealth, Medical Alert, Elderly Care & Remote Patients

If you are in the Medical Alert business with elderly customers living independently or in residential houses, people with disabilities, or have patients with Dementia, Alzheimers or Autism, the LooK Watch can help keep your patients safe by monitoring their well being, vital signs, real-time location, detecting a fall, sending medicine alerts, and providing them with a dedicated SOS button for emergency response & two-way communication.


Travel & Insurance

If you are in the Travel & Insurance business with customers that require special treatment and protection, the LooK Watch can communicate as a smartphone to the concierge when help is required, and keeps your clients safe with Geofencing features for VIP customers.

Watch what the LooK Watch standalone smartwatch can do!

Watch the video to find out more about the functions & features that come with Laipac's LooK Watch standalone IoT smartwatch.

Easy to use & flexible service

Use unlocked nano SIM for 3G UMTS 850/1900/2100Mhz

Flexible monthly service plans with unlimited tracking

Emergency response service available by AAA Alarm Monitoring Center

Connect to LocationNow 24/7/365

API available for third party integrations

Business man with LooK 2

LooK Watch features

Best watch design

Full Stainless Steel Watchbody with AMOLED Display and Sapphire Glass.
*Winner of the 2018 German Design Award

Real-time reports

Regular check-in features to ensure the safety of the person, and timed or real-time reports on their waypoints and vital signs.

Dedicated SOS button

Built-in SOS button with a pre-programmed emergency number to call and send alert messages with GPS location for help.

Geofence features

Enabling this feature will send alerts when the person enters or exits a predefined geofence. Up to 20 geofences available.

Fall detection

Send alerts to the monitoring centre, and detect a person's fall with voice confirmation to filter false alarms.

Watch removal detection

Enabling this feature will prompt alerts when the watch has been removed from the person's wrist.

Medicine reminders

Send medicine reminders by voice. Includes features to send an alert to the care team when the medicine alert has not been resolved.

Step counter & fitness apps

Keep track of how many steps you take, check up on vital signs & achieve exercise goals.

LooK Watch parts & more features

Wifi & bluetooth enabled. Connect to networks & other devices with bluetooth.

Heart rate & vital sign collection. Includes step & motion sensors.

Built-in SOS button & two-way voice communication features

Quadcore Processor at 1.3Ghz. UMTS 850/1900/2100Mhz

AMOLED display 400 x 400 & Sapphire Glass

Flexible service plans and 16GB of RAM & Storage.

Watch more on the features & design of the LooK Watch!

Watch the video to find out more about the function & design of the LooK Watch standalone IoT smartwatch.

Why choose the LooK Watch?

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LooK Watch colours & collections

Choose the best watch design from Laipac's Premium Silver & Elite Gold collections.

Silver-White LooK Watch product image

Silver (White Band) (Premium Silver Collection)

Silver-Blue LooK Watch product image

Silver (Blue Band) (Premium Silver Collection)

Silver-Black LooK Watch product image

Silver (Black Band) (Premium Silver Collection)

Gold-Blue LooK Watch Product Image

Gold (Blue Band) 
(Elite Gold Collection)

Gold-Black LooK Watch product image

Gold (Black Band)
(Elite Gold Collection)

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