S911 Lola S

The mobile Personal Emergency Response
System (mPERS) & Telehealth SOS Pendant.

S911 Lola S is the next generation mobile Personal Emergency Response System & Telehealth SOS pendant device for monitoring health, vital signs & safety

4G LTE pendant Lola S icon

Powerful 4G LTE Pendant with GNSS & BLE

medicine reminder Lola S icon

Talking Medicine Reminder

SOS button and fall detection Lola S icon

Dedicated SOS Button, Fall Detection and Geofencing

message care team GAC icon

2 Way Voice 
Communication with SMS Alerts

vital sign measurement Lola S icon

Connect to
Medical Devices for Vital Signs Measurements

LocationNow 24_7 Lola S icon

Supported by Laipac’s 
LocationNow  Platform

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The mobile Personal Emergency Response System

As a mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS), the S911 Lola S helps monitor and protect users with features such as the dedicated SOS button, 2 way voice communication & fall detection.

When used with Laipac’s LocationNow.com online monitoring platform, doctors and care team members can access the user’s location, add a geofence, log vital sign data, set medicine reminders and detect the G Force or a fall to determine the impact and care requirements. 

S911 Lola S for Lone Worker Safety Applications

If you are in the Lone Worker Safety business with customers in construction, security, oil & gas, real-estate, transportation, nursing, home care, social work, retail, or courier, the S911 Lola S compact mPERS & Telehealth pendant can give you peace of mind by helping monitor the safety of your workers via connection to the LocationNow.com online monitoring platform.

The Telehealth Pendant

S911 Lola S Telehealth Pendant

Laipac has sold over 100,000 Units of S911 Lola (1st generation) worldwide


Applications: Lone Workers, Medical Alert, Humanitarian Aid, Missions Workers Safety, Travel Protection and Personal Safety


Supported by Powerful LocationNow IoT Platform 24/7 with available API for Third-Parties


Telehealth features will qualify for Medicare RPM value-based reimbursement ($69/month)


LOW - COST, BEST QUALITY, Made in Canada

S911 Lola S

The 4G mobile Personal Emergency Response
System (mPERS) & Telehealth Pendant.