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LooK SPOT​ 2

Powerful machine with 5 test
slots for rapid disease test


Low-cost rapid
disease test device

LooK SPOT​ 2

Next-Gen Diagnostic
Solution for Point of Care


Support Digital
Health Reporting

LooK SPOT Rapid Disease Test System is the Next-Generation
Semi-Quantitative Test that can diagnose multiple diseases using
one single device for Point of Care

Many rapid disease tests are inaccurate by visual interpretation
• Low sensitivity for test results
• Inconsistency by visual interpretation
• Training required to interpret the test results
No traceability and accountability
• Positive cases are not monitored
• No integration with digital health reporting
High cost vs. low benefit
• Spending money for antigen tests that do not offer
surveillance data and do not provide positive rate info
• Many tests are not used and not recorded, and are expired
• Can only detect one disease

No Consistency of sensitivity
No Traceability of tests
No Test certificates for patients in real-time
No Automatic process to show easy to read test result
Detection for multiple diseases
No Quantitative result to show High, Medium, Low positive
No API for integration with digital health reporting
No Convenience for points of entry with high transit of people

So… How do you find a Rapid Disease Test System that has high sensitivity, is fast, precise, easy to use, detect many diseases in one setting, no skill required to interpret the test result, has traceability and accountability for the tests, provides test certificates to patients within 1 minute with no manual recording of information?
Perhaps you should consider…

Current Test Available
Specimen Required
COVID-19 All Variants
Nasal Swab
Coming Tests for Cancer Markers
Specimen Required
Lung Cancer
Blood Drops
Cervical Cancer
Blood Drops
Breast Cancer
Blood Drops
Colon Cancer
Blood Drops
Liver Cancer
Blood Drops
Prostate Cancer
Blood Drops
Pancreatic Cancer
Blood Drops
Ovarian Cancer
Blood Drops
Coming Tests for Other Diseases
Specimen Required
Blood Drops
Blood Drops
Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)
Blood Drops
Gastritis, Gastric Ulcer
Blood Drops
Coming Tests for Avian Flu
Specimen Required
Oral Swab
Oral Swab
Oral Swab
Support lateral flow test cassettes with test and control lines. Barcodes and built in microchip to identify the disease for testing
LooK SPOT can clamp to any smartphone. Use smartphone’s camera to take pictures of rapid test cassette and send to LooK SPOT Cloud Server for analysis. Test result is ready in 8 minutes with normal mode and 30 seconds with speed mode.
LooK SPOT 2 is a standalone machine that does not require any smartphone to operate. No skill required to operate. Under Speed Mode can screen over 500 people in one hour Multiple languages Connect to WiFi to access LooK SPOT AI server Generate test reports to emails Integration to Digital Health Report Look SPOT II
BEST Patient App with Test Certificates​
LooK SPOT Cost-Effectiveness vs. Benefits

Competitive pricing
Reproducible high sensitivity by using Machine Learning
Detect clusters of infection
Reduce the frequency of test based on data
Knowing how many tests have been conducted and the use rate
One system to support multiple-disease detection
API for integration with digital health record
Hosted in AWS Powerful & Accurate AI Engine to process millions of images daily High Cyber Security and Data Privacy Provide 100% traceability of the tests
Powerful & Accurate AI Engine to process millions of images daily. High Cyber Security and Data Privacy. Provide 100% traceability of the tests. test 2

Alfresa Pharmaceutical uses LooK SPOT Test System to screen thousands of employees weekly of COVID-19 for their operation during the pandemic

Arrival Passengers Screening of COVID-19 during the pandemic in Jacksons International Airport in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. All passengers receive test certificates within 10 minutes and can use the test certificates to leave the airport and access to transportations and hotels.
CE Mark
Germany BfArM
Belgium AFMPS
Ecuador Ministry of Health
Kenya Ministry of Health
Japan Telec
FCC, IC and CE
Papua New Guinea Ministry of Health