LooK SPOT COVID-19 Automatic Test System

Received CE IVD clearance for Europe

LooK SPOT with phone Laipac

COVID-19 Automatic Test System for Point of Entry

LooK SPOT system is a high-accuracy SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic device for rapid screening of COVID-19 positive patients at the points of entry.
LooK SPOT system uses a proprietary AI cloud for image diagnosis and produces consistency for interpreting the test results.
LooK SPOT can detect low positive cases where most traditional antigen rapid tests cannot. 
LooK SPOT can deliver real-time test results to governments, corporations, clinics, event organizers and patients in real-time.

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Leverage Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

With the widespread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), self-isolation & social distancing have become a necessity to help level the curve & mitigate virus exposure. Now, more than ever, government agencies, healthcare practitioners & community members alike are turning to virtual care as a recommended solution for gaining control on the pandemic & reducing further risk.

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Our Products

LooK Watch II Black Laipac

LooK Watch II
The 4G mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) & Telehealth smartwatch

✓ High-resolution heart rate sensor & accelerometer
✓ Dedicated SOS button for emergency calling
✓ Push To Talk for point to point & point to groups
✓ Built-in video camera for video chat with doctors
✓ Seamlessly integrates with all medical devices via bluetooth & 4G LTE/WiFi connections
✓ Set fall detection, geofence, medicine reminder & check-in alerts

LooK Watch Laipac Product Picture

LooK Watch
The 3G mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) & Telehealth smartwatch

✓ Standalone 3G watch for mPERS applications
✓ Dedicated SOS button with preprogrammed emergency number & interactive voice assistance
✓ Fall detection, regular check-ins, & geofencing alerts with false alarm filtering
✓ Built-in heart rate sensor
✓ Full stainless steel watchbody with AMOLED Display & Sapphire glass

LooK SPOT Home Testing Diagnostic Kit for COVID-19 Coronavirus

The low-cost smartphone-based
Point-of-Care COVID-19 Test

✓ Inexpensive fluorescent LFIA based point-of-care diagnostic kit to test SARS-CoV-2 in under 5 to 8 minutes
✓ Easy to use, requires no previous experience
✓ Innovative mechanism that easily clamps around any iOS or Android OS device
✓ Server-based AI algorithm and machine learning to detect the LFIA utilizing the smartphone’s cameras


S911 Lola S
The 4G mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) & Telehealth pendant

✓ Built-in BLE, GNSS receiver & accelerometer
✓ Dedicated SOS button for emergency calling
✓ Loud speaker for two-way voice communication
✓ Auto answer & silent call features
✓ Fall detection, geofence, real-time location, medicine reminder & regular check-in alerts
✓ Pairing with Beacon for indoor tracking
✓ Made in Canada: LTE CAT1 B2, B4, B5, B12, B13

S911 Lola Laipac Product Picture

S911 Lola
The 3G mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) & Telehealth pendant

✓ Compact device for mPERS applications
✓ Dedicated SOS button for emergency calling & built-in speaker phone / auto answer with vibration features
✓ G-sensor for fall detection & overspeed alerts
✓ Predefined geofencing features & real-time dynamic position reporting
✓ Medicine Alert Reminders

GAC Mobile App Screen - Laipac

Guardian Angel Connect
The mobile Telehealth & remote patient monitoring application

✓ Seamlessly integrates with medical devices via bluetooth & reports data to the
✓ Dedicated SOS button for emergency calling
✓ New Face Doc feature for video conferencing with doctors & healthcare professionals
✓ Configure settings, regular check-in alerts, medicine reminders, daily tasks & messages
✓ 24/7 Geofence monitoring for patients instructed to self-quarantine

S911 Enforcer Laipac Product Image

S911 Enforcer
The no-stigma electronic bracelet for offender monitoring

✓ LTE Bracelet
✓ Dedicated call button for two-way communication
✓ Geofencing, Check-ins, & Restraining Orders
✓ Built-in skin sensors & stainless steel security lock with safety switch & tamper, cut or removal alerts
✓ Customizable OTA configuration with secured password & communication Encrypted
✓ Ruggedized ABS + PC case material composition with waterproof, food-grade & corrosion resistance

LocationNow Product Picture
The 24/7 web-based monitoring platform for IoT products & medical devices (private labeling available)

✓ Over-the-air configuration & user-friendly interface
✓ Set alerts, check-ins & geofences remotely & receive alerts on entrance or exit of set zones
✓ Receive real-time positioning updates, waypoint data & breadcrumb reports
✓Connect products & medical equipment to collect vital signs & detect a fall, speed or movement
✓ 3 tier access available: Super Admin, Admin, and Users (API available)

Starfinder Aire Laipac Product Picture

Starfinder AIRE
The compact real-time locator device for mobile asset tracking

✓ GSM / GPRS worldwide coverage & assisted GPS
✓ Compact Vehicle Locator Device
✓ Ideal for light vehicles & machinery
✓ Receive overspeed alerts & check mileage
✓ Receive G-sensor reports for movement or impact
✓ Waterproof IP67 & industrial grade rechargeable Li-Ion Polymer Battery of 900mAh
✓ Low battery & main power disconnect alerts
✓ Coming Soon: 4G Version

Starfinder Lite Laipac Product Picture

Starfinder LITE
The compact real-time locator device for multiple fleet & vehicle tracking & monitoring

✓ The most popular vehicle locator device
✓ Sold over 100,000+ units worldwide
✓ Used by Hyundai, PEMEX, & Airbus
✓ Customized for ATM monitoring applications
✓ Coming Soon: 4G Version


Starfinder KAMEL
The self-powered, longest lasting locator device for non-powered & powered asset protection

✓ Asset tracking covert device
✓ Self-powered with a 18A Li-Ion Battery
✓ 6 months operation with a fully charged battery
✓ Waterproof IP67
✓ Magnet Mount available

Our Solutions

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