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LooK SPOT COVID-19 Test Systems

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Laipac is dedicated to improving quality of life and protecting people & valuable assets by providing innovative solutions that help solve problems in creative & sustainable ways. No matter your industry or affiliation, Laipac offers award-winning products & solutions to fit your unique needs & applications.

Biotech Products


COVID-19 Diagnostic and Screening for High-Transit Point of Access


COVID-19 Diagnostic and Screening for Point of Access

LooK COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test kit

COVID-19 Diagnostic and Screening for Point of Access

IoT Products

S911 Lola S

The 4G LTE mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS)

S911 Enforcer

The most reliable electronic monitoring wristwear bracelet for law enforcement applications

LooK Watch

The mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) & Telehealth smartwatch

Guardian Angel Connect

The mobile Telehealth & remote patient monitoring application


The 24/7 web-based monitoring platform for IoT products & medical devices (private labeling available)

Our Solutions

COVID-19 & Infectious Disease Control

How do you find a COVID-19 diagnostic solution with high sensitivity, fast, precise, easy to use, no skill required to interpret the test result, traceability and accountability for the tests, and provide test certificates to patients within 10 minutes with no manual recording of information?
Perhaps you should consider LooK SPOT COVID-19 Test System.
These are the FIVE reasons for the consideration.

• BEST Sensitivity and Specificity
• MOST Easy to Use and Fast
• BEST Patient App with Test Certificates
• MOST Traceable for COVID-19 Surveillance
• Price Performance LEADER for Return of Investment

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Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring

Laipac’s wearable devices are ideal for mobile health, remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS).
We have helped hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide by providing them with the assurance of care and peace of mind.
Talk to our team; we are confident that our solutions will help you succeed in your applications.

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Lone Worker Safety

Lone Workers often work in isolation without direct supervision or remote locations. Such employees may be exposed to high risk due to a lack of workers to assist them. Laipac's mobile wearable devices can provide emergency communication and monitoring features to ensure the safety of these employees while at work. Some important features are:

• Regular Check-In
• Fall Detection and False Alarm Filtering
• SOS Call and SMS Alert
• Auto-Answer for Incoming Calls from Supervisors
• Geofencing In and Out Alerts

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Law Enforcement Electronic Monitoring

Laipac's wristwear S911 Enforcer electronic bracelet is one of the best solutions for law enforcement electronic monitoring.
There are FIVE reasons to consider S911 Enforcer for your law enforcement applications.

• LOWEST Stigma and Promote Second Chance
• MOST Reliable and Comfortable to Wear
• BEST Tamper Proof with Real-Time Alert
• BEST Geofencing for Monitoring
• Price Performance LEADER for your Budget

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Immigration Control & Monitoring

Laipac's solutions for immigration control and monitoring seek to provide Immigration Boarder Agencies and officers the ability to manage multiple released non-violent immigrants simultaneously with ease and ensure compliance with release conditions.

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Asset Monitoring

Laipac has been an expert in IoT for asset monitoring for over 20 years. We have successfully equipped IoT devices for hundreds of thousands of assets worldwide. These assets are vehicles, ATM, construction equipment, medical equipment, land survey system and other valuable assets. We provide customized solutions to customer’s requests. Let us know your request because nothing is impossible.

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