Deploy Lone Workers & Keep Them Safe with Peace of Mind

With Laipac's innovative IoT products & fully customizable features, monitoring the health & safety of your employees working alone or in remote areas has never been easier!

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Protect your deployed lone workers working alone or in remote locations

Take advantage of Laipac's reliable safety alert & lone worker location monitoring solutions to protect your employees from workplace injury, hazard exposure, or fatal accidents. 

Be the first to know about an accident or a potential threat to your employee's safety with our user-friendly solutions that include real-time reports, SOS features, Geofence monitoring, fall detection alerts, and more! 

Stay ahead of Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)

Employees working alone, or in remote locations, can be at a higher risk of workplace injury, toxin exposure, or fatal accidents, due to hazardous environments, distant locations, or a lack of workers available to aid them in emergency situations. Laipac's reliable solutions can help your business stay ahead of Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) by providing quality devices & tracking systems to alert risk, monitor locations, and give real-time reports on worker activity.

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What are the benefits?

Boost employee confidence by providing valuable peace of mind to your deployed Lone Workers

Lower fatal risk & Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) accidents with reliable monitoring services, SOS features & customizable alerts

Improve incident & emergency response with real-time location reports, check-in features & geofence alerts

Simplify multiple or individual Lone Worker tracking & check-ins with customizable alerts configured through our reliable monitoring software

Safeguard unlimited workers in multiple locations from one user-friendly, 24/7 monitoring platform: LocationNow

LocationNow for Remote Patient Monitoring

Introducing the all-in-one complete IoT platform for Lone Worker safety & monitoring applications

LocationNow, our reliable software and monitoring platform, delivers next-generation IoT solutions and customizable features to provide practical & high-quality services that allow companies deploying employees working alone or in remove areas with peace of mind.

With powerful integrations, 24/7 tracking features, and a quality user experience, LocationNow provides the best platform for your Lone Worker monitoring applications.

Lone Worker Safety Monitoring Ready Products

Find the right product for your Lone Worker Safety applications! Our products seamlessly integrate with our LocationNow platform to set customizable alerts & configure reliable features that fit your unique applications.

Need some help finding the right product? Take our Needs Assessment below and receive a personalized report & solutions package tailored to your specific needs and applications within 24 hours.

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LooK Watch

-Check-in & real-time reports on waypoints, heart rate activity & vital signs

-Dedicated SOS button with preprogrammed emergency number

-Fall detection alerts & false alarm filtering

-Predefined geofencing features

-Stainless steel watchbody with AMOLED display & Sapphire glass

S911 Lola Laipac Product Picture

S911 Lola

-Speaker phone & auto answer with vibration features

-SMS - GPRS - Two-way voice communication

-G-Sensor for fall detection & overspeed alerts

-Predefined geofencing features & real-time dynamic position reporting

-Compact design suitable for keychain, lanyards, belts, wristbands, and more

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