Starfinder Lite

Laipac's compact, real-time locator device based on GPS / GSM / GPRS for multiple fleet & vehicle monitoring.

Starfinder Lite Product

Starfinder Lite applications

If your business is responsible for multiple trucks & vehicles, the Starfinder Lite can help improve the utilization and management of your fleet & valuable assets with our reliable solutions and features, such as, real-time location tracking 24/7/365, mileage reports, geofence features, and G-sensor to detect impact, movement or overspeed.

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Taxis, Limos & Private Drivers


School & Tour Buses

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Tank, Load, Delivery, Food & Tow Trucks

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First Responder Vehicles

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Waste & Recycle Dumpster Trucks

Starfinder Lite features

Real-time reports

Receive regular check-in or timed reports on the waypoints, breadcrumb data, and location of your fleets, vehicles, and assets.

Geofence features

Enabling this feature will send alerts when your fleets or vehicles have entered or existed a predefined geofence. Set multiple!

Speaker-Microphone jacks & panic button

Optimize communication with the built-in speaker and microphone jacks, and Panic Button for emergency voice calls.

G-Sensor, main power lost & overspeed alerts

Receive overspeed, main power lost & G-sensor reports to alert movement, a loss of connection, and force of impact.

Starfinder Lite parts & additional features

Speaker & Microphone jacks, plus a panic button for emergency voice calls

GSM / GPRS worldwide coverage, AGPS & GPS receiver with EGNOS & WAAS

Main power disconnection & low battery alerts

Geofence entrance & exit, G-sensor & overspeed alerts

Data logger for more than 15,000 waypoints & breadcrumb data collection

2 Digital Inputs, 3 Digital Outputs & 1 Analog Input

Fleet Truck on Road

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The Starfinder LITE is equipped with a complete set of features that provide the customer with not only the location of the fleet, but also with reports, alerts, Geofences, data loggers, diagnostics of the vehicle in movement, main power supply status, remote power lock options and remote start-stop engine features.

The Starfinder LITE, and its provided monitoring systems, are useful for companies and businesses in: Private Vehicle Monitoring, Fleet Management, Taxi Management, Ambulance Management, Construction Vehicles and Stationary Equipment Management, School Bus Monitoring, etc. The locator device can also prove useful for end users needing a data logger for personal use. The Starfinder LITE assures that all fleets, vehicles & assets can be quickly located if they are not where they are supposed to be.

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