Our Wearables

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Wearable devices

LooK Watch Laipac Product Picture

LooK Watch

Laipac's standalone 3G smartwatch for mPERS, Telehealth, lone worker & remote monitoring applications

-Check-in & real-time reports on waypoints, heart rate activity & vital signs

-Dedicated SOS button with preprogrammed emergency number & interactive voice assistance

-Fall detection alerts & false alarm filtering

-Predefined geofencing features (set up to 20 geofences per device)

-Stainless steel watchbody with AMOLED display & Sapphire glass

S911 Lola Laipac Product Picture

S911 Lola

Laipac's compact 3G device with two-way communication for mPERS, Telehealth & remote monitoring applications

-Speaker phone & auto answer with vibration features

-SMS - GPRS - for two-way voice communication

-G-Sensor for fall detection & overspeed alerts

-Predefined geofencing features & real-time dynamic position reporting

-Compact design suitable for keychain, lanyards, belts, wristbands, and additional S911 Lola accessories

S911 Enforcer Laipac Product Image

S911 Enforcer

Laipac's no-stigma electronic bracelet for offender monitoring & law enforcement applications

-Customizable OTA configuration with secured password

-Dedicated call button for two-way communication

-Stainless steel security lock with safety switch & tamper, cut or removal alerts

-Receive geofence entrance / exit alerts

-Ruggedized ABS + PC case material composition with waterproof, food-grade & corrosion resistance

LooK Watch 2 Product Picture

LooK Watch II

Laipac's standalone 4G smartwatch for mPERS, Telehealth, lone worker & remote monitoring applications

-Built-in high-resolution heart rate sensor and accelerometer

-Dedicated SOS button for emergency calling & Push To Talk button for point to point and point to groups

-Built-in video camera for video chat & conferences with doctors & healthcare providers or patient monitoring & assistance workers

-Seamlessly integrate & configure all medical devices & healthcare equipment via bluetooth & 4G LTE / WiFi connections to our LocationNow platform or LooK Mobile app for Telehealth, Telemedicine & remote patient monitoring applications

-Receive fall detection, geofencing, medicine reminder and regular check-in alerts

-Elegant design with Sapphire glass & AMOLED display