Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring

With Laipac's innovative IoT & Telehealth solutions, monitoring the health & safety of your patients and loved ones has never been simpler!

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Leverage Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring solutions to stop the spread of COVID-19

Infectious diseases, like the novel coronavirus, can spread quickly if left unchecked. Now, more than ever, virtual care is becoming one of the most recommended solutions for social distancing and reducing further spread of the coronavirus.


Lower healthcare costs

With the projection of the global telemedicine market to reach $72.5B USD in 2023, North America is expected to account for the largest market, with Asia-Pacific predicted to represent the fastest growing market from 2018 to 2023.

By combining our LooK products & software with other FDA-approved medical equipment, Laipac is creating a powerful suite of in-home devices to improve patient outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and create value at the intersection of mobile health, remote patient monitoring, Telehealth, Telemedicine, and Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS).

Benefit from value-based reimbursement systems

With the increasing global market for Telehealth & Telemedicine, the volume of patient data generated by Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) will become a vital component of Clinical Decision Support (CDS), Population Health Management (PHM), personalized medicine, pharmaceutical clinical trials, and digital therapeutics.

Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are becoming more Telehealth-friendly & beginning to expand the adoption of mobile solutions. This method of coverage will expand until it becomes the prevalent business model. That is why we at Laipac strive to produce valuable solutions and quality wearable products with RPM capabilities that respond to this government-driven demand & improve the workflow of our healthcare providers & medical facilities around the world.

Location Now for Remote Patient Monitoring - Law Enforcement Electronic Bracelet

Introducing the all-in-one complete IoT platform for remote patient monitoring

LocationNow, our reliable software and monitoring platform, delivers next-generation IoT solutions and customizable features to provide practical & high-quality remote patient monitoring services.

With powerful integrations, 24/7 tracking features, and a quality user experience, LocationNow provides the best platform for your remote patient monitoring applications.

Optimize your healthcare applications & workflows by going virtual

Presenting the Guardian Angel Connect App, the all new mobile solution for Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring & Telemedicine applications!

With Laipac's all new Guardian Angel Connect App, seamlessly integrate all healthcare equipment, easily configure settings, daily tasks and medicine reminder alerts, and schedule video conferences with our new Face Doc feature.

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Combining mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS) & Telehealth

Laipac's LooK Watch II next-generation smartwatch device combines both mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems with Telehealth & Telemedicine to take health management to new heights.

With an elegant new design, updates to all the powerful features of the original LooK Watch, user-friendly configuration for healthcare equipment, and a newly built-in video camera for two-way communication, Laipac's LooK Watch II provides endless possibilities for tracking and monitoring patients and loved ones from any location 24/7.

Seamless integration with healthcare equipment

Laipac's LocationNow platform, LooK Watch II & LooK Mobile seamlessly integrate all healthcare equipment and Laipac IoT products, configure custom alerts for medicine reminders or regular check-ins, and monitor multiple patients via 4G LTE / WiFi connections to provide the most versatile functions and quality features all in one effortless solution.


Medical Devices for Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring Applications

All medical devices are shipped from Toronto, Canada with a lead time from order to delivery of 10 weeks.
A deposit of 50% is required to start the production.

To place an order or receive more information, contact us here:


Blood Pressure Cuff (Bluetooth)

-LCD Backlight display

-Irregular heart beat (IHB) detection

-Memory capacity of 200 sets

-Power source of 4 x AAA batteries

-Communication via bluetooth connectivity

-SKU: LP-3140

-Health Canada & FDA Approved


Forehead Thermometer (Bluetooth)

-Celcius & Fahrenheit convertible

-Infrard technology

-Non contact measurement

-Memory capacity of 30 measurements

-Communication via bluetooth connectivity

-SKU: LP-1241B

-Health Canada & FDA Approved


Glucose Meter (Bluetooth)

-LCD Backlight display

-Strip guiding light icon & strip expiry date reminder

-Before & after meal (AC/PC) presettable

-Memory capacity of 1000 sets

-Communication via bluetooth connectivity

-SKU: LP-4289

-FDA Approved


Finger Type Pulse Oximeter SpO2 (Bluetooth)

-LCD Backlight display & screen rotation

-Auto power off

-PI (Perfusion Index) indicator

-Power source of 2 x AAA batteries

-Communication via bluetooth connectivity

-SKU: LP-8255

-FDA Approved

Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring Ready Products

Find the right product for your Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring applications! Our products come with unique features that seamlessly integrate with health equipment and easily configure customizable alerts.

Need some help finding the right product? Take our Needs Assessment below and receive a personalized report & solutions package tailored to your specific needs and applications within 24 hours.

LooK Watch Laipac Product Picture

LooK Watch

-Check-in & real-time reports on waypoints, heart rate activity & vital signs

-Dedicated SOS button with preprogrammed emergency number

-Fall detection alerts & false alarm filtering

-Predefined geofencing features

-Stainless steel watchbody with AMOLED display & Sapphire glass

S911 Lola Laipac Product Picture

S911 Lola

-Speaker phone & auto answer with vibration features

-SMS - GPRS - Two-way voice communication

-G-Sensor for fall detection & overspeed alerts

-Predefined geofencing features & real-time dynamic position reporting

-Compact design suitable for keychain, lanyards, belts, wristbands, and more

LooK Watch 2 Product Image

LooK Watch II

-Built-in high-resolution heart rate sensor & accelerometer

-Dedicated SOS button for emergency number & Push To Talk button for point to point & point to groups

-Video camera for video chat & conferences with healthcare workers

-Seamlessly integrate all medical devices & healthcare equipment via 4G LTE / WiFi connections

-Receive fall detection, geofence, medicine reminder & regular check-in alerts


S911 Lola S

-Built-in BLE, GNSS receiver & accelerometer

-Dedicated SOS button for emergency calling

-Loud speaker for two-way communication

-Auto answer & silent call features

-Fall detection, geofence, real-time location, medicine reminder & regular check-in alerts

-Pairing with Beacon for indoor tracking

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