Starfinder Kamel

Laipac's self-powered IoT locator device for non-powered & powered asset protection.

Starfinder Kamel Product

Starfinder Kamel applications

If you manage valuable non-powered assets or are in construction operations, responsible for multiple sites, crews, assets and machinery, the Starfinder Kamel can help improve the utilization and management of your stock, rented, or acquired assets with our reliable solutions and features: real-time location tracking 24/7/365, powerful Li-Ion polymer battery, mileage reports, Geofence enabling, and G-sensor alerts.


Trailers & Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Non Powered Stationary Assets Icon

Non-powered & Stationary Assets

Construction Machinery Icon

Construction Machinery

Compressor Generator Icon

Compressors & Generators

Waste Recycle Dumpster Icon

Waste & Recycle Dumpster Trucks

Starfinder Kamel features

Real-time reports

Receive regular check-in or timed reports on the waypoints, breadcrumb data, and location of your non-powered & powered valuable assets.

Geofence features

Enabling this feature will send alerts when your powered or non-powered assets have entered or existed a predefined geofence.

Long lasting battery

Powered by a long lasting, industrial grade rechargeable Li-Ion polymer battery of 18Ah that can last up to 4 months without charge.

G-Sensor & overspeed alerts

Receive reports on the movement and impact from the 3 Axial accelerometers & built-in G-sensor features.

Starfinder Kamel parts & additional features

SiRF 4 GPS receiver 48Ch with AGPS service for indoor & outdoor locations

GSM/GPRS worldwide coverage & flexible service plans

Receive mileage, movement, overspeed & impact alerts

Real-time position updates based on time and distance intervals

Strong waterproof (IP67), shockproof, and dustproof container

Connect to the Monitoring Centre 24/7/365

Choose your preferred installation

Starfinder Kamel Permanent Mount Product

Permanent Mount

The starfinder Kamel Permanent Mount comes with a strong waterproof, dustproof & shockproof container. Additionally, the Permanent Mount includes mounting screws for a lasting & durable attachment to your powered & non-powered assets.

Starfinder Kamel Rare Earth Magnet Mount Product

Magnet Mount

The Starfinder Kamel Magnet Mount comes with a strong waterproof, dustproof & shockproof container. The Magnet Mount is made with rare-earth magnets (80Lb force) for a strong bond that attaches to the metal surface of your powered & non-powered assets.

Starfinder Kamel Specifications & Dimensions

Width: 8.25cm

Height: 6.35cm

Length: 13.97cm

Weight: 566g

starfinder kamel dimensions sketch image

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