S911 Enforcer:
Laipac's Electronic Monitoring 4G LTE Bracelet

With Laipac's electronic monitoring bracelet with tamper & security alerts, easily set geofences, configure alerts, and schedule regular check-ins for your unique applications. The most reliable law enforcement electronic bracelet!

Enforcer Electronic Bracelet Product - Law Enforcement Electronic Bracelet

S911 Enforcer applications

Whether you work in one of the industries below, or are just looking out for the safety and protection of your family, the S911 Enforcer is the perfect electronic monitoring device with various customizable features to fit your unique applications.
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Law Enforcer on iPad - Law Enforcement Electronic Bracelet

Law Enforcement & Offender Monitoring

If you are in the Law Enforcement industry, monitoring home arrested & on-parole offenders, the S911 Enforcer is the most reliable IoT electronic bracelet with customizable geofence features, two-way communication for parole officers, and security, tamper & bracelet removal alerts. It is the most reliable law enforcement bracelet.

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Medical Alert, Elderly Care & Remote Patients

If you are in the Medical Alert business with elderly customers living independently or in residential houses, people with disabilities, or have patients with Dementia, Alzheimers or Autism, the S911 Enforcer can help keep your patients safe by monitoring their location, detecting a fall, providing two-way communication for emergency response, and sending Geofence entrance / exit alerts when the individual has left a predetermined zone.

Sick Man Coronavirus Using S911 Enforcer

Infectious Disease Control & Prevention

With the increasing concern around the novel 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19), Laipac's S911 Enforcer can provide peace of mind and a solution for self-quarantine to help prevent and control the spread of infectious disease with regular check-in settings, geofence features, breadcrumb data collection, and a dedicated call button for two-way communication or interactive voice prompts to verify location & condition.

Immigrant Behind Fence

Immigration, Refugee & Boarder Control

Immigrants who pose as a high-risk to public safety or who may be victims of smuggling and human trafficking can often be detained by Boarder Service agencies in order to complete the immigration examination and insure appearance for the immigration process. Laipac's S911 Enforcer is the perfect solution to aid boarder control by providing geofencing features to alert on exit or entrance, and interactive voice prompting features to remind the individual of court dates, immigration examinations, compliance with Boarder Control conditions, and more.

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S911 Enforcer on Wrist - Law Enforcement Electronic Bracelet

Promote second chance, ensure compliance, reduce recidivism of offenders & encourage reintegration with society

Unlike other ankle bracelets that have strong stigma attached, the S911 Enforcer electronic bracelet works to promote reintegration to society with its wrist band design & monitoring features.

Worn like a watch, Laipac's S911 Enforcer electronic locator device, paired with our LocationNow monitoring platform, promotes reintegration of immigrants with society & decreases the risk of recidivism for offenders through two-way communication features that alert the monitoring centre & warn the user when they leave or enter a restricted zone. 

Breadcrumb reports & collected waypoint data aid law enforcement officials, parole officers, and government agencies track past user activity and current real-time activity to ensure compliance with parole or pretrial conditions. Historical data & breadcrumb reports aid Healthcare professionals tracking quarantined individuals or dementia patients, to access where the user has been or interacted with others.

S911 Enforcer features

Security lock with tamper or removal alerts

Receive an alert if the individual attempts to cut, remove, open or tamper with the S911 Enforcer's stainless steel security lock or ruggedized case & band.

Geofence features with exit & entrance alerts

Enabling this feature will send alerts when the person enters or exits a predefined geofence or breaches a restraining order's predefined distance. Up to 20 geofences available.

Dedicated call button

Built-in call button with preprogrammed emergency, parole, or monitoring agent numbers for two-way voice calls or interactive voice prompts to verify condition, location, and compliance.

Real-time reports

Receive & schedule regular check-ins & timed reports through the LocationNow monitoring centre to track the individual's waypoints and receive real-time updates on the individual's GPS location.

Indoor pairing with RF Beacon

Radio Frequency (RF) pairing to ensure indoor tracking in a concrete or secured building.

OTA config. & secure password

OTA programming of the device to adjust the schedule / features based on the individual.

Long lasting battery life

One of the industry's largest 1500 mAh battery power for a wearable device. Lasts 2 full days with continued tracking.

US, Canada & International

4G LTE. Compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers, Bell, Telus, Telcel, Claro, Telefonica & 150+ Countries. Global service plans available.

S911 Enforcer parts

95dB speaker with the highest volume for calls & warning messages

Full stainless steel security lock with tamper alerts (security screw included)

ABS + PC composition with corrosion resistance & bracelet removal alerts

Call button for two-way communication & interactive voice prompts

LCD display to show the time, date, call, GPS signal & battery levels

Strong waterproof Micro USB & portable battery pack for charging

S911 Enforcer Functions Diagram 2 - Law Enforcement Electronic Bracelet

Get the best security features

With the S911 Enforcer, easily enable geofencing features to alert the monitoring centre upon entrance or exit of a predefined zone. Set multiple geofences & prohibited zones with OTA configuration. Take advantage of our LocationNow monitoring platform to keep track of multiple or individual devices from one user-friendly platform, and access historical data, breadcrumb reports & real-time location.

Restraining order applications

Laipac's S911 Enforcer, electronic monitoring device with real-time tracking & geofence features, allows law enforcement officials & parole officers to easily configure restraining orders & restricted zones. With our LocationNow IoT platform & restraining order application enabled, the monitoring centre will receive alerts when the user is within a certain vicinity of the restricted area or person.

S911 Enforcer Functions Diagram 1 - Law Enforcement Electronic Bracelet

Introducing the all-in-one complete IoT monitoring platform

LocationNow, our reliable software and monitoring platform, delivers next-generation IoT solutions and customizable features to provide practical & high-quality monitoring services.

With powerful integrations, 24/7 tracking features, and a quality user experience, LocationNow provides the best platform for your applications.

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