Monitor Offenders in Real-time

Reduce recidivism & ensure compliance of parole conditions with Laipac's reliable electronic locator device & 24/7 monitoring platform for offender monitoring. Choose Laipac's offender monitoring solutions to easily monitor offender activity with the S911 Electronic Bracelet & ensure compliance with parole orders.

Offender Monitoring Solution
S911 Enforcer Functions Diagram 2 - Law Enforcement Electronic Bracelet

Get the best security features

With the S911 Enforcer (offender monitoring solutions), easily enable geofencing features to alert the monitoring centre upon entrance or exit of a predefined zone. Set multiple geofences & prohibited zones with OTA configuration. Take advantage of our LocationNow monitoring platform to keep track of multiple or individual devices from one user-friendly platform, and access historical data, breadcrumb reports & real-time location.

Restraining order applications

Laipac's S911 Enforcer, electronic monitoring device with real-time tracking & geofence features, allows law enforcement officials & parole officers to easily configure restraining orders & restricted zones. With our LocationNow IoT platform & restraining order application enabled, the monitoring centre will receive alerts when the user is within a certain vicinity of the restricted area or person.

S911 Enforcer Functions Diagram 1 - Law Enforcement Electronic Bracelet
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Prevent overcrowded detention facilities

Take advantage of Laipac's reliable tracking & real-time location monitoring solutions to prevent detention facilities from becoming overcrowded, keeping youth & non-violent offenders away from high-risk criminals, and ensuring compliance with home arrest or parole conditions.

Laipac's S911 Enforcer and LocationNow monitoring platform pair perfectly to offer low-risk, non-violent, or young offenders home arrest or parole, while ensuring peace of mind for officers, law enforcement agencies, and community members through reliable GPS tracking, geofence features, tamper alerts, and more.

Find solutions for curfew programs & pretrial offender monitoring

Laipac's advanced electronic monitoring solutions can aid detention centres and law enforcement agencies lower the cost of jailing non-violent, low-risk offenders awaiting trial with the assurance of compliance with parole or pretrial conditions through our 24/7/365 monitoring platform, Geofence + GPS features, & our reliable S911 Enforcer locator device.

S911 Enforcer on Wrist - Law Enforcement Electronic Bracelet

Promote second chance, ensure compliance, reduce recidivism & encourage reintegration with society

Unlike other ankle bracelets that have strong stigma attached, the S911 Enforcer electronic bracelet works to promote reintegration to society with its wrist band design & monitoring features.

Worn like a watch, Laipac's S911 Enforcer electronic locator device, paired with our LocationNow monitoring platform, promotes reintegration with society & decreases the risk of recidivism through two-way communication features that alert the parole officer & warn the offender when they breach a parole condition, leave or enter a restricted zone. 

Breadcrumb reports & collected waypoint data aid law enforcement officials & parole officers track past offender activity and current real-time activity to ensure compliance with parole or pretrial conditions.

What are the benefits?

Decrease the overcrowding of detention facilities & free-up valuable resources

Lower the average daily cost of custodial expenditures

Redeploy budgets & resources to improve other efficiencies & optimize agency manpower

Promote reintegration with society & decrease the risk of recidivism with no stigma attached

Keep youth, first-time or non-violent offenders away from high-risk criminals & fatal threats in penal institutions

LocationNow Product Picture

Introducing the all-in-one complete IoT platform for offender monitoring

LocationNow, our reliable software platform, delivers next-generation IoT solutions and customizable features to provide a practical & high-quality virtual monitoring experience.

With powerful integrations, 24/7 tracking features, and a user-friendly interface, LocationNow provides the best platform for your offender monitoring applications.

Watch what the S911 Enforcer electronic bracelet can do!

Watch the video to find out more about the functions & features that come with Laipac's S911 Enforcer electronic bracelet for offender monitoring.

Electronic Offender Monitoring Ready Products

Find the right product for your offender monitoring applications! Our products come with unique & customizable features that easily configure with OTA programming from one user-friendly monitoring platform.

Need some help finding the right product? Contact us and a member of our team will reach out to help you find the best product for your application & business needs.

S911 Enforcer Laipac Product Image

S911 Enforcer

-Fully customizable OTA configuration with secured password

-Dedicated call button for two-way communication

-Receive geofence entrance & exit alerts

-Collect breadcrumb & waypoint data

-Stainless steel security lock with safety switch & tamper, cut or removal alerts

-Ruggedized ABS + PC Case material composition with waterproof, food-grade & corrosion resistance

-Long lasting 1500 may battery power & RF Beacon

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