LooK Watch II

The 4G mobile Personal Emergency Response
System (mPERS) & Telehealth Smartwatch.

Look Watch II is 4G mobile Personal Emergency Response System, mPERS smartwatch with Telehealth & virtual care solutions for health & remote monitoring
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Powerful 4G LTE Smartwatch with Video Camera

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Virtual Doctor 

SOS button and fall detection Lola S icon

Dedicated SOS Button, Push-to-Talk Button, Fall Detection and Geofencing

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Bridge the Gap with TASKs and MESSAGEs 
apps for Care Teams

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Connect to
Medical Devices for Vital Signs Measurements

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Supported by Laipac’s 
LocationNow Platform

Telehealth connect medeical devices LooK Watch II mPERS Smartwatch

Manage Vital Signs & Healthcare Equipment via Bluetooth Connectivity

Laipac’s LooK Watch II utilizes bluetooth & 4G LTE / WiFi connectivity to seamlessly integrate all existing healthcare equipment into one easy to use smartwatch. With LooK Watch II, users can collect and monitor vital signs, set up reminder alerts for medication, message their care team, set tasks, and connect with their doctor using the Face Doc feature and side video camera.

The mobile Personal Emergency Response System

As a mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS), the LooK Watch II helps monitor and protect users with features such as the SOS button and Push-to-Talk for emergency calling, MESSAGEs to contact care team or family members, fall detection and geofence settings.

Set Medicine Reminders, Routine Alerts & Tasks

Using the tasks and alerts function care team members and healthcare professionals can easily set alarms and notifications that remind the user to take medication, check vital signs, or keep on task with healthcare routines. 

Schedule Virtual Calls with Doctors & Care Team Members

The LooK Watch II’s Face Doc feature allows users to call their doctor or care team members on-the-go. Users can share vital sign data collected from the built in sensor or connect existing healthcare equipment.

LooK Watch II Tasks mPERS Smartwatch Laipac

The Telehealth Smartwatch

Telehealth Smartwatch - mPERS Smartwatch
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stay home covid-19 Laipac LooK Watch II mPERS Smartwatch

LooK Watch II Smartwatch for COVID-19 Quarantine Monitoring

In the event of a user testing positive for COVID-19, the LooK Watch II seamlessly integrates with Laipac’s LocationNow.com online monitoring platform so doctors, care team members, and users can easily configure alerts and set mobile check-ins throughout the quarantine period.

LooK Watch II Black mPERS Smartwatch Laipac

LooK Watch I vs. LooK Watch II

Compare the LooK Watch II 4G mPERS & Telehealth Smartwatch with the LooK Watch I 3G Standalone IoT Smartwatch.

LooK Watch II

The 4G mobile Personal Emergency Response
System (mPERS) & Telehealth Smartwatch.