Take COVID-19 testing home with the LooK SPOT

Test for COVID-19 from the comfort of your own home with LooK SPOT. Get test results in less than 10 minutes & reuse the device again after cleaning the surface with alcohol.

Introducing LooK SPOT for home testing of COVID-19

LooK SPOT is a smartphone-based fluorescent LFIA Point-of-Care device to detect COVID-19 by using the Lateral Flow Immunoassay (LFIA) based test strips. The LFIA strips contain antibodies specific to COVID-19 and can display a gradient of colour intensity based on the level of the virus in the saliva or nasopharyngeal swab sample. LooK SPOT uses the AI to detect the colour intensity and quantify the concentration of the protein of COVID-19. The testing time is less than 10 minutes, with an accuracy of 85%.

What are the characteristics of LooK SPOT?

LooK SPOT is an inexpensive LFIA based Point-of-Care diagnostic kit to test SARS-CoV-2 in under 10 minutes (test results show positive or negative)

LooK SPOT costs less than $10 per test and is reusable after cleaning the surface with alcohol

LooK SPOT uses the saliva or nasopharyngeal swab sample

LooK SPOT is easy to use and requires no previous experience to complete the testing

LooK SPOT is an innovative mechanism that easily clamps around any smartphone (flexible alignment for different smartphones)

LooK SPOT is compatible with iOS and Android OS devices

LooK SPOT has a server-based AI algorithm and machine learning to detect the LFIA utilizing the smartphone's cameras

LooK SPOT uses bluetooth BLE and NFC to identity the LFIA strip

LooK SPOT has a weight of 80gm with 2 x AAA

Simple to use with four (4) easy steps!
No prior training or experience required.

STEP 1: Mount the LooK SPOT on the video camera of any iOS or Android OS smartphone with the LooK app

STEP 2: Collect the nasal or saliva sample with a swab and place the sample on the LFIA strip

STEP 3: Insert the LFIA strip into the LooK SPOT device

STEP 4: Follow the prompts on the LooK app. Result will be ready in 10 minutes showing on the smartphone

What is LFIA? How is Laipac improving its use & accuracy?

Lateral Flow Immunoassay (LFIA) is a simple and low-cost point-of-care detection method that has been applied in many bio analysis applications (i.e. pregnancy test strips). The conventional LFIA based on colorimetric analysis has low detection sensitivity. Its qualitative and quantitative detection capability is weak. The testing result is subject to the visual interpretation of coloured areas on the test strip by an operator. There is subjectivity and the possibility of human errors for the definition of the results is based on the training, skills, light conditions, etc, of the individual.

Fluorescent LFIA that use quantum dots, nanoparticles, and dye-doped microbes have improve the analytical performance because of the intensity of their fluorescence. It is ideal for sensitive bio analysis like COVID-19 detection. That is why Laipac has partnered with a certified Bioscience Lab to develop LFIA strips with antibodies of SARS-CoV-2. This is where the LooK SPOT comes in and applies a sophisticated AI and machine learning technology to speed up the detection of the presence of the COVID-19 virus with high accuracy.