LooK SPOT 2 COVID-19 Test System

High Speed COVID-19 Diagnostic Solution for Enterprises and Factories

What are the problems of the COVID-19 rapid tests in the market?

So… How do you find a COVID-19 Rapid Test that has high sensitivity, is fast, precise, easy to use, no skill required to interpret the test result, has traceability and accountability for the tests, provides test certificates to patients within 10 minutes with no manual recording of information?

Perhaps you should consider LooK SPOT 2

LooK SPOT 2 is a powerful AI machine for COVID-19 diagnostic for point of entry with thousands of people passing through every day

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CE IVD Approved

How does it work?

The LooK SPOT 2 is a standalone high-speed AI machine to detect all variants of COVID-19 (Omicron) using LooK COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test cassette.

It detects the nasal / nasopharyngeal samples within 8 minutes in normal mode or 3 seconds in speed mode.

The LooK SPOT 2 COVID-19 Test System provides test certificates in real-time to patients and traceability of test reports for surveillance purposes.

The test has 97% sensitivity and 99% specificity and received all positive customer feedback worldwide.

There are FIVE reasons to consider the LooK SPOT 2 COVID-19 Test System

1. BEST Sensitivity and Specificity

2. MOST Easy to Use and Very Fast

3. BEST Patient App with Test Certificates

4. MOST Traceable for COVID-19 Surveillance

5. Price Performance LEADER for Return of Investment


The most powerful and efficient COVID-19 screening for Point of Entry, Capable to screen 500 people per hour.


AI-based image detection to eliminate human reading errors.


QR Code of the test is associated with each patient with high data privacy.


Low cost per test and no need to hire healthcare professionals to conduct the test for corporations.


Patients to receive the test certificates in real-time with details of the test and QR Code.

LooK PASS App (Patients app)

Download and use the LooK PASS app to scan the QR code of the antigen rapid test cassette before the test and receive the test certificate with test result in real-time.

Cost-Effectiveness vs. Benefits

FCC, IC & CE Certified

Shipping, Weight & Dimensions

LooK SPOT 2: (L) 7.875” x (W) 5.125” x (H) 4.75” – 1.95 Lbs.

LooK COVID-19 Antigen Cassette Kit: 9.875″ (L) x 4.125″ (W) x 2.125″ (H) – 0.35lbs (10 tests)

Master Carton Box of LooK COVID-19 Antigen Cassette Kit: 22″ (L) x 21″ (W) x 10″ (H) – 18.25lbs (400 tests)

LooK COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit

Each kit contains: