Optimize your Telehealth & healthcare applications by going virtual

With Laipac's all new LooK Mobile for Telehealth & Telemedicine applications, easily configure healthcare equipment, set regular medicine reminder alerts, and schedule video conferences with our new Face Doc feature.

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Seamless integration with healthcare equipment

Laipac's LocationNow platform, LooK Watch II & LooK Mobile seamlessly integrate all healthcare equipment and Laipac IoT products, configure custom alerts for medicine reminders or regular check-ins, and monitor multiple patients through bluetooth & 4G LTE / WiFi connections to provide the most versatile functions and quality features all in one effortless solution.

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LocationNow Product Picture & Mobile App

Laipac's online web-based monitoring platform with seamless integration of all Laipac solutions, IoT products & medical equipment (private labeling available)

-Locate individual & groups of devices

-Over the Air configuration & user-friendly interface

-Set geofences remotely & receive alerts on entrance or exits of areas

-Receive real-time positioning updates, waypoint data, and breadcrumb reports (access history playback)

-Set regular check-ins and medicine reminders to alert care teams & supervisors

-Configure devices with the software to collect vital signs, detect a fall, speed or movement, and and respond to emergency calls

-3 tier access: Super Admin, Admin, and Users (API available)

LooK Mobile App Product Picture

LooK Mobile

Laipac's all new mobile solution for Telehealth & Telemedicine optimization & virtual care

-Seamlessly integrates with Blood Pressure cuffs, Glucose meters, Pulse Oximeters, Weight scales, Spirometers, and Thermometers via Bluetooth and report to LocationNow for Telehealth applications

-Dedicated SOS button with pre-programmed numbers for emergency calling

-The all new Face Doc feature & Hi-Res Front and Rear camera for video conferences with doctors & healthcare professionals

-Configure regular check-in alerts, medicine reminders, daily tasks and messages to the LooK Mobile

-Customized design for Telehealth applications & 5.45" FWVGA + IPS Display

-LTE CAT4 Smartphone B2, B4, B5, B6, B12, B13, B14 & B17, Android OS 9.0 with 16GB of storage, WiFi, BLE 4.2 and built-in GNSS Receiver