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Laipac Technology Inc. to Host a LooK Watch Media Conference on March 15th, 2018

March 13, 2018

Richmond Hill, ON – Laipac Technology Inc., a leading company in the development of Internet of Things (IoT) products and solutions, this week announced they will be hosting a LooK Watch Media Conference at their office headquarters located at 20 Mural Street, Unit 5, in Richmond Hill on Thursday, March 15th. The Look Watch is the first Internet of Things (IoT) enabled standalone smartwatch. It combines Laipac’s Guardian Angel Connect feature and LocationNow IoT platform, with the ability to access internet and make two-way calls without being tethered to a smartphone.

LooK Watch is designed to look elegant and stylish like a classic mechanical watch, it features a large round touch screen, one of the highest resolutions available today, AMOLED Display, silver or 24k Gold Plating, elegant watch faces, and six color combinations. Durable in composition, the LooK Watch is also cold forged in 316L stainless steel, using sapphire glass and a protective bezel. The watch is dust proof, water proof, and carries one of the longest lasting batteries available.

“We are inviting Toronto media personnel to come to our office this week and demo the LooK Watch for themselves,” said Diego Lai, Co-founder and CEO of Laipac Technology Inc. “Providing an intimate look at our revolutionary watch product, we are excited to share its unique features, attributes, and hand-made designs with everyone in attendance.” Embodying a high quality of digitization, the LooK Watch displays the most apps of any non-iOS watch for users, with a high-quality speaker and incomparable memory storage of 16GB.

Laipaic recently wrapped up successful show in MWC Barcelona 2018, showcasing the watch to all interested brand advocates at the event.

More than just an activity tracker, Look Watch’s Guardian Angel Connect gives you the ultimate peace of mind. You can relax knowing you and your loved ones are safe. Laipac has built its reputation on vehicle tracking, asset monitoring and mobile healthcare devices since 1999. Laipac’s mPERS (mobile Personal Emergency Response Service) technology has been used to protect field workers, law enforcement agents, professionals, families and business executives in over 100 countries. Look Watch connects to LocationNow.com thru Guardian Angel Connect feature; where at any given time, the user can freely enable or disable the Guardian Angel Connect on the LooK Watch. In case of emergency, one second touch on the SOS button will call a pre-set fast dial numbers for voice call to the user’s predefined emergency numbers as well as send an SMS, and deliver GPS location data to LocationNow.com.

Using G-sensors, the Look Watch generates an alert if a fall is detected. If it’s a false alarm, the user will only need to press the SOS button when prompted to do so, and the alert will not be sent. If the user is unable to cancel the alert, it will be sent to the device of your choosing, along with GPS coordinates and address of where the incident occurred. Upon receiving the fall alert, you can communicate directly with the user to give them reassurance that help is on the way.

Look Watch also acts as an enhanced activity tracker, monitoring heart rate, steps traveled, and even showing the exact route taken. The heart rate monitor is helpful for tracking vitals when the user is ill, after an accident, or at any time. “As a fitness, safety, communication, and all around resourceful smart watch today, we are passionate about sharing our innovation with all those who are interested. We welcome Toronto Medias to visit us,” said Lai.

About Laipac Technology Inc.

Laipac Technology Inc. is a leading company in the development of Internet of Things (IoT) products and solutions, also providing excellent IoT platforms on LocationNow.com. Laipac Technology Inc. was founded in 1999 by two distinguished Canadian entrepreneurs, Maria C. Pacini and Diego Lai, who continuously strive for product improvements and new ideas with the purpose of bringing the best-innovated products to the market. Laipac Technology Inc. is currently exporting products and solutions to over 100 countries and has received numerous awards and nominations that recognize the excellent business achievements and visions for the future. For more information, or to sign up on their email list, visit: https://www.laipac.com/.

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