Humanitarian Aid, Missions & International Workers Safety

Keep Humanitarian Aid, Missions & International Workers safe with Laipac's reliable GPS tracking & monitoring products.

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Improve incident & emergency response systems & lower the risk for deployed workers

International Workers & Humanitarian Aid Responders often travel to remote or dangerous communities that have undergone, or are in the midst of experiencing, natural disasters, war & torture, human trafficking, poverty, famine, or disease. While most locations allow for communication between the workers & NGOs to continue, some areas call for severed communication & covert operations due to closed countries, threats from power, or remote locations with poor connection.

With Laipac, NGOs & agencies can deploy their International & Humanitarian workers with peace of mind, knowing they will be able to track & monitor the location of their workers in real-time & maintain communication, even under remote or covert operations. With reliable GPS & geofencing features, built-in SOS buttons, and customizable alerts, NGOs can improve their emergency response and covert communication with workers by being the first to know if a safety warning or alert has been triggered.

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Safeguard unlimited International & Humanitarian Workers in multiple locations

Agencies & NGOs who deploy & support International & Humanitarian Aid Workers around the world, can now easily monitor each worker from one reliable, user-friendly platform.

By pairing any of our Laipac devices to our LocationNow monitoring centre, organizations can easily flip through each device on their dashboard to locate their worker, check for breadcrumb data, retrieve vital signs, or monitor their safety with programmable alerts & check-in reminders.

What are the benefits?

Lower the risk of fatal accidents for workers deployed to dangerous or remote areas

Improve incident & emergency response systems with real-time, 24/7 reports & GPS features

Simplify covert missionary tracking & humanitarian responder check-ins with geofencing features, breadcrumb data collection & customizable alerts

Safeguard unlimited International Workers & Humanitarian Responders in multiple locations around the globe from one user-friendly monitoring platform

LocationNow for Remote Patient Monitoring

Introducing the all-in-one complete IoT platform for remote & covert monitoring

LocationNow, our reliable software and monitoring platform, delivers next-generation IoT solutions and customizable features to provide practical & high-quality remote & covert monitoring services.

With powerful integrations, 24/7 tracking features, geofencing, and a quality user experience, LocationNow provides the best platform for your remote & covert monitoring applications, so you can deploy your International & Humanitarian Workers with peace of mind.

Covert & Remote Safety Monitoring Ready Products

Find the right product for your Covert & Remote Monitoring applications! Our products come with unique features and fully customizable alerts that allow agencies & NGOs to deploy workers with peace of mind.

Need some help finding the right product? Take our Needs Assessment below and receive a personalized report & solutions package tailored to your specific needs and applications within 24 hours.

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LooK Watch

-Check-in & real-time reports on waypoints, heart rate activity & vital signs

-Dedicated SOS button with preprogrammed emergency number

-Fall detection alerts & false alarm filtering

-Predefined geofencing features

-Stainless steel watchbody with AMOLED display & Sapphire glass

S911 Lola Laipac Product Picture

S911 Lola

-Speaker phone & auto answer with vibration features

-SMS - GPRS - Two-way voice communication

-G-Sensor for fall detection & overspeed alerts

-Predefined geofencing features & real-time dynamic position reporting

-Compact design suitable for keychain, lanyards, belts, wristbands, and more

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