Find Your Career in Technology

Looking for an exciting career in technology & telematics? Find your calling and develop your skills with Laipac Technology Inc. today!

We are multicultural, but one family

Differences make us strong! Our multicultural team is filled with talented engineers & employees from all around the globe, representing many cultures & languages. 

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We are a solid team that grows

Our team is full of innovative, hardworking members who are passionate about growing their skills & committed to embarking on new ventures in telematics & IoT technology.

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We love to make products that keep people safe

Our products help to keep people safe, and to protect valuable assets, giving our customers peace of mind. When you work at Laipac, you too can make a difference in our world!

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We are an innovative team full of ideas

When you work at Laipac, you work with great ideas! Our team members are innovative people who look forward to improving Laipac‘s unique products & solutions in new ways.

Apply today to work with an innovative team in one of the greatest cities!

Laipac is based in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. With a population near 6 million as of 2016, Laipac builds their home in a thriving city full of opportunities!

If you are interested in joining our innovative team, leave us your name, email and a message, then press the Apply Now button to submit your interest.