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The GPS system consists of 24 satellites, each of which transmits a coded signal continuously to the earth. The GPS receiver detects and decodes the signals that it receives and, based on the information contained, can determine the position on the earth. A minimum of 3 satellites must be visible to obtain a valid coordinate. The accuracy of the position improves as the number of visible satellites increases. GNSS means GPS & GLONASS together. GLONASS is the Russian satellite system similar to the GPS from USA. A GNSS system offers more satellites in view; therefore, it provides a faster position fix. Laipac’s newer products have GNSS receiver built-in for higher performance.

The accuracy of the position depends on the number of satellites that the locator device can see. If you are indoors, go outside or go to the windows where you have unobstructed views of the sky. For wooden structure buildings, the GPS or GNSS signals are less likely to be affected. Locations such as urban canyons with large numbers of multi-story buildings can obstruct GPS or GNSS signals, the same for the apartment buildings. For LooK Watch, it has a WiFi positioning feature for indoor positioning. We recommend using WiFi connection for LooK Watch while indoor. For S911 Enforcer, its RF beacon can be placed in the house to connect with Enforcer and have coverage of 20-30 meters. When the Enforcer is within the range with the beacon, it will inform LocationNow that Enforcer is inside the building. Once the connection with the beacon is lost, it will inform LocationNow that Enforcer has left the perimeter. The concept of the RF beacon can also serve as a filter for false alarms of geofence alerts produced by GPS drifting.

Yes, a SIM card is needed to access the cellular network so that the IoT devices can report to LocationNow servers. A standard monthly plan of 5MB+ of data is recommended for most of Laipac’s vehicle devices. The voice plan will be required for personal mPERS devices and Enforcer because of two-way voice communication. A higher data plan of 500MB is required for LooK watch because LooK watch is an Android device. LooK watch II has a video camera with FaceDoc for video conference, and it may require a higher data plan above 1GB.  

This is a URL that is needed for data communications and is provided by your cell service provider. Contact your cell service provider for this information: “What access point is my SIM card provisioned to use”? For LooK watch and LooK mobile, entering the APN is not required because Android OS will auto-configure this information.

Yes, if there is cellphone coverage in your area. Please consult with us before making your purchase. Depending on the product SKU, 4G products may work for North America and South America, or Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. 2G and 3G products are good to have worldwide coverage with one SKU. 

Yes, to access the information on the IoT devices, you will need access to the www.LocationNow.com website.


The standard warranty period is ONE year from the date of purchase of the products. Labour for repair will be at no cost to the customer during the warranty period. The warranty does not cover product failure caused by misuse by the user, applied over-voltage, accidental damage, or intentional un-authorized tampering with the device. Laipac’s technical department will analyze the RMA items and advise the customer if there will be any charges relating to the repair of the devices. For oversea customers and distributors, due to the long distance and the freight cost, we recommend consolidating the shipment with more than one product for repair. Laipac can also train the local distributors and partners to do the basic repair of the products to save time and money. Laipac also provides an incentive program for partners and distributors to purchase an extra 5% of products with a special discount to be used for direct replacement with end-users. Kindly consult with us.

You should start recharging the battery as soon as it is practical. There are still some charges inside the battery, but a low battery can have trouble communicating with the cellular network, and maintaining GPS to work. Recharge as soon as possible after receiving the low battery warning.

You must subscribe to the LocationNow service to access LocationNow.com. First, log in and select the locator you want to see. Then choose Show on Map from the History icon and enter the dates and times to retrieve the data from that duration. Click Generating, and it will display the historical data in a new window and on a map.

The battery should be fully recharged between 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the product. The operation time also depends on the usage, how frequently it reports to LocationNow, and how often the device is moving around with GPS on. More questions about the battery will be answered in Products FAQ.

Based on the products, the firmware upgrade process varies. Some will need to connect to a utility software called LocationNow Suite. Some of them will do automatically upgrade Over the Air (OTA). Please consult our Technical Support for more details.

Yes. Please contact us to subscribe to the LocationNow service and download the Location Now app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Contact our sales at sales@laipac.com to place the order, and we will ship the products via FedEx or DHL depending on the regions. The freight will be quoted based on your destination. For larger orders, we use air cargo service with departure city from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The unit price is FOB Toronto, and the lead time for the products will be notified when the orders are confirmed. If you would like to pick up the goods by your forwarder or courier, please inform us when placing the purchase order. The majority of our products are Made in Canada. Therefore, it can be duty-free for countries that have free trade agreements with Canada.

Our practice is to provide immediate delivery for small or sample orders, but produce the volume order based on purchase orders. A product may have hundreds of components and parts involved, and some of them have lead times of 8-10 weeks from vendors. Our subcontract assembly factory in Toronto can only start production when all parts are ready. We will always try to shorten the production time with our best practice. We want to deliver the products to our customers as soon as possible. A suggested order practice is to place a blanket order to Laipac with partial deliveries. For example, deliver a certain quantity every two weeks. Most of the applications require implementation time as well, so it is not necessary to import all the products at once.

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