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LooK Watch I & LooK Watch II

The LooK Watch is the standalone smartwatch phone designed by Laipac for mPERS & Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring applications. LooK Watch I uses 3G UMTS technology, and the new generation LooK Watch II uses 4G LTE technology. They have high-resolution AMOLED displays with sapphire glass. Both products connect to LocationNow for real-time monitoring of the safety and health wellness of the users. The features are dedicated SOS buttons, Push To Talk button, Fall detection, Connect to medical devices for Telehealth, Geofencing alerts, Regular Check-In, Real-Time position tracking, …etc. LooK Watch II also has a built-in video camera for virtual doctor care.

The LooK Watch is not a companion device for the smartphone. It is a standalone security device with cellphone connectivity for mPERS and Telehealth applications. It requires a SIM card and a monthly service plan. The LooK Watch is not to be used to receive notifications, e-mails, or SMS from your cellphone.

The LooK Watch I supports 3G UMTS with B1, B2 & B5 bands. 

The LooK Watch II supports 4G LTE with B2, B3, B4, B5, B7, B12, B13, B17 & B20 bands.

Please check with your local cellphone operator for their network frequency bands before ordering the SIM. The SIM card type is the Nano-SIM. LooK Watch I requires a data plan of 500MB+. LooK Watch II has a video camera with a virtual doctor feature, and it will require a higher data plan for above 1GB per month.

Please contact our sales department for the pricing at sales@laipac.com

The LooK Watch will require a service plan. Laipac offers the monthly service plan with LocationNow.com access with SIM, data, and voice plans. Please contact our sales department for the pricing at sales@laipac.com. For outside of North America, our distributors may offer different service plans using the local SIMs.

With an optimal setting to report every 15 minutes, the LooK Watch I can operate for 16 hours per day. LooK Watch II is coming soon, and more information will become available after the product has launched.

  • Reducing the brightness of the AMOLED screen will reduce the power consumption
  • Connecting to WiFi more often instead of relying on cell connectivity all the time
  • Use Display On for 15 seconds only and automatically turn off when not using
  • Disable gesture feature, so the display does not turn on when moving the arm 
  • Reduce the report frequency to LocationNow server (increase the time interval)
  • Reduce the frequency to measure the heart rate automatically

LooK Watch needs a charging time of 90 minutes to get the full charge from a low battery. LooK Watch I uses a clamshell adaptor and LooK Watch II uses a contact magnetic base charger. Both are USB type.

The LooK Watch connects via Bluetooth BLE with Blood Pressure cuff, Pulse Oximeter, Glucose meter, Thermometer, and Weight Scale. LooK Watch serves as a hub only to collect these vital signs info and send it to the LocationNow platform. LooK Watch does not process the medical information. LocationNow will save that info and allow the care team to access to view the information.

Yes. LooK Watch has a fall detection alert feature. This alert can be calibrated based on the application. It can set to trigger easily for simple movement or more robust. This calibration can be done over the air from LocationNow platform.

The wrist band of the LooK Watch I is permanent and cannot be changed. It is because the RF antennas are built-in inside the band. The LooK Watch II has RF antennas inside the watch body; therefore, the wrist band can be changed based on personal preferences. The size of the band is 22mm.

LooK Watch I has IP67 rating, and LooK Watch II has IP68 rating. Both are water-resistant, but they are NOT for swimming activities. We recommend to remove the LooK Watch before taking a bath or shower due to different water pressure and chemicals.

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