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S911 Lola & S911 Lola S

The S911 Lola is a SOS pendant device with two-way voice communication for mPERS & Telehealth applications. S911 Lola uses 2G technology, and the new S911 Lola S uses 4G LTE technology. Both products connect to LocationNow for real-time monitoring of the safety and health wellness of the users. The features are dedicated SOS buttons, Fall detection, Geofencing alerts, Regular Check-In feature, Medicine reminders, Real-time position tracking..etc.

The Cell LED will flash once every 5 seconds to save on power. Press the call button once and the GPS and Cell LEDs will both either be flashing or solid. After a few minutes, the Cell LED will go back to flashing once every 5 seconds.

The volume is set using the Location Now Suite software, the Audio section is found in the Advance menu.

To create a geofence, please access LocationNow.com with your credentials and select Menu Geofences. The process of creating a geofence is fast and straightforward. Contact our Tech Support specialists for short training. Each Lola can have up to 20 geofences configuration stored in the device. Lola will detect activities of crossing the geofence in every second. If the crossing the geofence is detected, Lola will send the alert to LocationNow server.

S911 Lola requires to connect with the Utility Software LocationNow Suite for firmware upgrade. S911 Lola S can do the firmware update via OTA (Over The Air). When a new firmware is released with new features and improvements, Lola S will receive the notice and update its firmware automatically without intervention.

The user should start recharging the battery as soon as they have access to a USB adaptor. A low battery can have trouble communicating with the LocationNow server and difficulty in getting valid GPS coordinates. 

S911 Lola is 2G and has worldwide coverage with 850/900/1800/1900Mhz.

S911 Lola S is 4G LTE, and has two SKU: NF version and EU version.

NF version supports 4G LTE with B2, B4, B5, B12, B13 bands.

EU version supports 4G LTE with B1, B3, B7, B8, B20, B28A bands.

Please check your local cell network frequency bands before ordering the product. 

NF version will cover North America, Central, and South America. 

EU version will cover Europe and the rest of the world. 

Lola will require a data plan of 5MB per month and also voice minutes for check-in calls and emergency calls. The SIM card type to be used is Micro SIM for S911 Lola, and Nano SIM for S911 Lola S.

Please contact our sales department for the device and service pricing.

With a report interval of every 15 minutes, the Lola device can operate around 30 hours before the low battery warning. By decreasing the report frequency, it may increase the battery hours.

Both products need a minimum charging time of 2 hours to get the full charge from a low battery state. S911 Lola and Lola S have the charging port on the right side of the device. This micro USB port is covered with a rubber strip.

Yes. The Lola devices have shock detection alert features. This alert can be calibrated based on the G-force strength. It can set to trigger easily or more robust depending on the application. The calibration can be done over the air from LocationNow platform. 

No. S911 Lola and Lola S are not water-resistant devices.

The Lola weighs less than 50gm and contains a Li-Ion polymer battery of 850mA.

Laipac partners with Krusell Sweden to offer a series of accessories for the S911 Lola & the S911 Lola S. Please see our S911 Lola product page for more details. The product package contains the Lola device, a USB wall charger, and a lanyard.

Yes. The user can press the SOS button located on the centre of the device to call a pre-programmed phone number. The pressing time has to be more than 3 seconds, then S911 Lola will vibrate and make the emergency call and send the panic alert to the LocationNow server. The Lola can also receive incoming calls from the number with the auto-answer or the incoming silent call feature.

Yes. S911 Lola S can support 15 languages, including: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Mandarin. 

The accumulation mode is for the Lola S to save several GPS positions within a time interval and report them at once to LocationNow. The regular check-in is for the user to do self-check-in periodically by pressing the check-in button when it is required. If the check-in message is not received, a real-time alert will be sent to LocationNow and notify the responders.

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