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Starfinder Lite

The Starfinder Lite is a vehicle tracking device for fleet management which can also be used for other purposes. Starfinder Lite has a 2G version and the new 4G LTE version coming soon.

Starfinder Lite connects to LocationNow for real-time monitoring of the vehicles, trailers, trucks, containers, ATM, police patrols, and other mobile assets with battery.

They are used for monitoring different aspects of a vehicle or system based on an on/off method. Examples: Ignition on/off, AC on/off, gas cap open/closed, door open/closed, pulse counting.

They are used for controlling different aspects of a vehicle or system based on an enable/disable method. Examples include: starter enable/disable, door locks lock/unlock.

It is used for recording a change or variance in a vehicle or system based on voltage level. Examples: gas level, oil level, weight level, temperature level.

To create a geofence, please access LocationNow.com with your credentials and select Menu Geofences. The process of creating a geofence is fast and straightforward. Contact our Tech Support specialists for short training. Each Starfinder Lite can store up to 20 geofences configuration stored in the device. Kamel will detect activities of crossing the geofence in every second. If the crossing the geofence is detected, Lola will send the alert to LocationNow server.

No, the Starfinder Lite is not water-resistant.

The Starfinder Lite 2G works in most countries worldwide under 850/900/1800/1900Mhz.

The new Starfinder Lite 4G will also work worldwide in one SKU only. 

Starfinder Lite requires a data plan of 5MB per month with Nano SIM.

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