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S911 Enforcer

The S911 Enforcer is an IoT standalone wearable device with a security band for law enforcement electronic monitoring applications. It is also the ideal solution for disease prevention & control of COVID-19.

Enforcer will send alert to LocationNow server when the band is opened or cut. LocationNow server will then notify the operator, case officers, or responders of the account in real-time.

The security band is of high-tech and has an embedded circuit built-in with the lock. The band’s material is anti-allergic from food-grade silicon rubber.

To create a geofence, please access LocationNow.com with your credentials and select Menu Geofences. The process of creating a geofence is fast and straightforward. Because of the confidentiality of the S911 Enforcer product, please contact our Tech Support department for more info. Our Tech Support specialist can train you to create effective geofences for your S911 Enforcer. Each Enforcer can have up to 20 geofences configuration stored in the device. Enforcer will be detecting activities of crossing the geofence in every second. If the crossing the geofence is detected, Enforcer will send the alert to LocationNow server and notify the case officers.

S911 Enforcer completes the update of the firmware via OTA (Over The Air). When a new firmware is released with new features and improvements, Enforcer will receive the notice and update its firmware automatically without intervention.

During the power-on, the Enforcer may display a time that is not correct. But once the Enforcer connects to the cellphone network, it will automatically adjust to show the right local time.

The user should start recharging the battery as soon as they have access to a portable battery bank or USB port. A low battery can have trouble communicating with the LocationNow server and may cause unnecessary confusion and misunderstanding with the monitoring centre. LocationNow server will receive the Low Battery warning from the Enforcer. Therefore, please instruct the user to recharge Enforcer as soon as possible after receiving the low battery warning.

With a report interval of every 10 minutes, the S911 Enforcer can operate over 40 hours before a low battery warning occurs. By decreasing the report frequency, it may increase the battery hours.

The S911 Enforcer needs a charging time of under 3 hours to get the full charge from a low battery state. Enforcer’s charging port is on the left side of the device. It is a waterproof IP67 micro USB port. The user can plug in the charging port easily while wearing the device. For a person’s mobility, we recommend the accessory of a portal 3A battery bank with an arm strap.

The S911 Enforcer has two SKU: NF version and EU version.

NF version supports 4G LTE with B2, B4, B5, B12, B13, B14 bands.

EU version supports 4G LTE with B1, B3, B7, B8, B20 bands.

Please check your local cell network frequency bands before ordering the product. 

NF version will cover North America, Central, and South America. 

EU version will cover Europe and the rest of the world. 

Enforcer will require a data plan of 10MB per month and also voice minutes for check-in calls and emergency calls. The SIM card type to use for Enforcer is the Nano-SIM.

Please contact our sales department for the device and service pricing. Since S911 Enforcer is a high-security device, Laipac will require NDA before disclosing technical and commercial information.

Yes. The S911 Enforcer has a shock detection alert feature. This alert can be calibrated based on the G-force strength. It can set to trigger easily or more robust depending on the application. This calibration can be done over the air from LocationNow platform.

Yes. Laipac also sells the security band as an accessory for replacement purposes. 

The S911 Enforcer security band does not need to be cut to move the device from one user to another user. By simply opening the security lock using our security tool, you can release the band and transfer the device to another user.

Enforcer has IP68 rating, and it is NOT to be used for any swimming activities. However, it is ok for shower activities.

Yes. The S911 Enforcer uses encrypted communication protocol with the LocationNow server.

The S911 Enforcer weighs 110gm and contains a Li-Ion polymer battery of 1450mA.

It is not difficult. The S911 Enforcer’s wrist band is not made of stainless steel material. 

Laipac follows the standard of National Institute of Justice (NIJ) from the United States, that law enforcement wearable devices must be allowed to be cut off within 60 seconds under urgent situations.

Will this make the S911 Enforcer a useless tool for law enforcement and disease control?

The answer is NO. First of all, the Enforcer is very comfortable to wear compared with other ankle bracelets that weigh around 2Lb (1Kg). Unlike these ankle bracelets that create a high stigma issue for the user, the S911 Enforcer promotes No-Stigma and Second-Chance.

Second, 99% of the users consider it a privilege to wear the S911 Enforcer so they can stay home instead of being placed in a prison or medical facility. In our experience, the users always treat the device well and follow the instructions to demonstrate their good behaviour and cooperation. Under any violation upon the device, the user may return to prison or a medical facility for quarantine.

The accuracy of the GPS or GNSS position depends on the number of satellites that Enforcer can see. For wooden structure buildings, the GNSS signals are less likely to be affected. Locations inside multi-story buildings and apartment buildings can obstruct GPS or GNSS signals. The RF beacon accessory can be placed inside the house to connect with Enforcer and have coverage of 20-30 meters. When the Enforcer is within the range of the beacon, it will inform LocationNow that Enforcer is inside the house. Once the connection with the beacon is lost, Enforcer will inform LocationNow that the person has left the perimeter. S911 Enforcer can connect up to 4 beacons inside a large property. By the sequence of connection to the beacons, the monitoring centre operator can have a clear understanding of the movement of the person indoor. The use of the RF beacon can serve as a filter for false alarms of geofence alerts produced by GPS drifting.

The accumulation mode is for the Enforcer to save several GPS positions within a time interval and report them at once to LocationNow. The regular check-in is for the user to do self-check-in periodically by pressing the check-in button when it is required. If the check-in message is not received, a real-time alert will be sent to LocationNow and notify the case officer.

From the LocationNow platform, S911 Enforcer can form a group of Restraining Order with another device like LooK Watch or S911 Lola. When both devices approach within a predetermined distance (100mts, 200mts, 500mts, 1Km, and 2Km), an alert will be sent to both devices to notify the violation of the safe range, and also inform the case officers and responders. This feature is very useful for domestic violence prevention applications.

Yes. The user can press the call button to call the pre-programmed phone number set to the device by the officer or healthcare provider. The S911 Enforcer can also receive incoming calls from this number with the auto-answer feature.

Yes. S911 Enforcer can support 15 languages, including: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Mandarin.

S911 Enforcer uses encrypted communication with the LocationNow platform with high security. Laipac also developed algorithms for S911 Enforcer and LocationNow to collaborate and provide the best user experience. For the third party platforms, LocationNow offers API with a license fee. Please contact our sales@laipac.com team for detailed information.

Yes. Laipac does offer the option of local hosting and private labeling. 

Please contact our sales@laipac.com team for more detailed information.

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