Surgical Face Mask Production Machine

No more waiting for mask production! Start saving lives & reducing the widespread of disease with Laipac's Surgical Face Mask Production Machine.

Surgical Face Masks Production Machine

Surgical Mask Production Machine applications

COVID 19 Coronavirus

COVID-19 & Infectious Disease Control & Prevention

With high risk of further widespread from over-the-air or person-to-person contact, self-isolation & wearing surgical masks, or protective wear, has become essential to helping fight back against the virus & keeping vulnerable people safe from contracting the disease from asymptomatic or COVID positive individuals.

Female Doctor Wearing Mask

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Increasing cases, treatment & medical care for patients awaiting a diagnosis, or who are experiencing dangerous symptoms due to COVID-19, are all factors that are crowding healthcare facilities & using valuable resources needed to help keep vulnerable patients, doctors & nurses safe. With Laipac's Surgical Mask Production Machine, healthcare facilities no longer have to depend on ordering masks & worrying about running out of essential protective wear.

Essential Businesses Woman Wearing Mask

Emergency & Essential Businesses

Workers of emergency or essential businesses are at higher risk of contracting COVID-19 while interacting with the public to run purchases or aid people in emergency situations. With high risk of over-the-air or person-to-person contamination, it's important employees receive protective wear to keep them safe from contracting the coronavirus. With Laipac's Surgical Mask Production Machine, emergency & essential businesses no longer have to wait on orders for masks to protect workers.

Community Member Male Wearing Mask

Community Safety

Surgical mask shortages, sold out drugstore shelves, and long waiting periods for mask orders can leave community members with little protection when needing to leave the house for groceries or emergency situations. With Laipac's Surgical Mask Production Machine, agencies & councils can provide community members with needed face masks to protect people from contracting & spreading COVID-19 or other infectious diseases.

Why make more masks?

The war against COVID-19 is global, with high risk for citizens to contract the virus over the air or through person to person contact. Now, more than ever, self-isolation & wearing masks, or protective wear when out in public, has become essential to reducing further widespread & saving the lives of many who are at risk of catching the virus from asymptomatic or COVID positive individuals.

With Laipac's Surgical Face Mask Production Machine, countries can now take safety into their own hands, allowing them to become self-reliant for the production of masks & protective wear to distribute to citizens & workers.

Watch how the Surgical Mask Production Machine works!

Watch the video to find out more about the functions of Laipac's Surgical Mask Production Machine.

Surgical Face Mask Production Machine

Laipac's complete automatic mask making machine for COVID-19, disease control & prevention applications

-Complete automatic machine with an output speed of 120 Surgical Masks per minute, and 172,800 Surgical Masks per day

-One (1) operator per machine (basic skills required)

-Lead time of 45 days, Made in Taiwan

-International set up & service available

-One (1) year warranty, not including travel expenses for the support engineer

-Dimensions: (L) 583cm x (W) 210cm x (H) 170cm with a total weight of 5,000 Kg

Automatic Mask Making Machine Laipac

High quality protective surgical face masks

Take advantage of high quality surgical face masks that help protect vulnerable people, healthcare professionals & emergency or essential workers on the front lines.

Fight back against the virus & keep people safe!

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