Prevent & Control the Spread of Infectious Diseases

Make self-isolation & quarantining even more effective with Laipac's reliable electronic & mobile monitoring solutions for infectious disease control.

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Leverage Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

With the widespread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), self-isolation & social distancing have become a necessity to help level the curve & mitigate virus exposure.

Now, more than ever, government agencies, healthcare practitioners, and community members alike, are turning to virtual care as a recommended solution for gaining control on the pandemic & reducing further risk.

Level the curve with self-isolation & lower the risk of contagious disease exposure

Diseases known to spread from person to person, whether airborne or through contact, can become a major threat to public health, often resulting in a widespread of disease outbreak, and in extreme cases, cause a global pandemic similar to COVID-19.

Some infectious diseases require extensive incubation periods before and after a diagnosis is obtained. In these cases, patients experiencing symptoms and awaiting a diagnosis can begin to overcrowd healthcare facilities, exhaust resources & put other patients at risk. With Laipac's electronic devices & mobile monitoring platform, government agencies, healthcare facilities, labs, emergency response centres & healthcare practitioners on the front lines can stay one-step ahead of the disease by easily monitoring the current location, vital signs, and historical breadcrumb data of confirmed or pending cases in self-isolation or home quarantine through an entirely virtual system.

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Provide real-time virtual care with Laipac's Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring devices

In an effort to do our part & help level the curve, Laipac is committed to producing quality customizable products and solutions for Telehealth, Telemedicine & Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) applications that work toward containing COVID-19 while keeping healthcare practitioners protected & care facilities maintaining valuable resources.

Our LocationNow™️ software, new mobile platform, and fully customizable IoT products with RPM capabilities offer a completely virtual experience to rapidly respond to patient health inquiries & needs, while minimizing the risk of further exposure, optimizing resources, and helping to stop the spread infectious disease.

What are the benefits?

Decrease the overcrowding of healthcare facilities & free-up valuable resources

Lower the risk of a pandemic or further exposure in the community & around the world with reliable geofencing features

Level the curve by combining Laipac's virtual & electronic monitoring solutions with self-isolation & social distancing

Improve emergency response with real-time reports, GPS features, and Telehealth / RPM capable products & software

Help reduce the fear & anxiety leading to social stigma, panic buying, or discrimination caused by associating an infectious disease with a population

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Introducing the all-in-one complete IoT platform for remote patient monitoring

LocationNow, our reliable software platform, delivers next-generation IoT solutions and customizable features to provide a practical & high-quality virtual monitoring experience.

With powerful integrations, 24/7 tracking features, and a user-friendly interface, LocationNow provides the best platform for your disease control & prevention applications.

Electronic, Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring Ready

Find the right product for your disease prevention, Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring applications! Our products come with unique features that seamlessly integrate with healthcare equipment and easily configure customizable alerts.

Need some help finding the right product? Take our Needs Assessment below and receive a personalized report & solutions package tailored to your specific needs and applications within 24 hours.

S911 Enforcer Laipac Product Image

S911 Enforcer

-Fully customizable OTA configuration with secured password

-Dedicated call button for two-way communication

-Receive geofence entrance & exit alerts

-Collect breadcrumb & waypoint data

-Stainless steel security lock with safety switch & tamper, cut or removal alerts

-Ruggedized ABS + PC Case material composition with waterproof, food-grade & corrosion resistance

-Long lasting 1500 may battery power & RF Beacon

S911 Enforcer on Wrist

Ensure compliance with quarantine & curfew conditions with no stigma attached

Unlike other ankle bracelets that have strong stigma attached, the S911 Enforcer electronic bracelet works to promote reintegration to society with its wrist band design & monitoring features.

Worn like a watch, Laipac's S911 Enforcer electronic locator device, paired with our LocationNow monitoring platform, decreases the risk of spreading disease by ensuring compliance with home quarantine & curfew conditions via two-way communication features that alert the monitoring centre & warn the user when they are in breach of a condition, leave or enter a restricted zone. 

Breadcrumb reports, real-time tracking, & collected waypoint data aid healthcare professionals or government agencies track past user activity and current real-time activity to ensure compliance with conditions and access where the user has been or interacted with others.

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